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Monday, August 21, 2006

Snead's Ferry

Here are some pics of the charming fishing village of Snead's Ferry, N.C. I spent the weekend there with my Mom and Emma. Mom and Dad own a travel trailer right on the water of the New River wich empties into the Atlantic Ocean around Topsail Island.

We had a great time exploring the shops and restaurants and looking for ways to dress up their little home away from home. I can't wait to see what it will be like when my parents have had a chance to make the place their own (trust me, Mary Blake can work some landscaping magic). I think they will add a screened-in porch and some other extras.

This is 'The Shop Across The Street.' My mom found a gardening buddy in the woman who owns it. She shared some of her Four O'Clock seeds with Mom...what a sweet woman.

Of course we visited a yarn store! This one is 'Phootsy's Yarn Cottage' in Jacksonville, N.C. Very nice place. The owner, Freddie, is a dear...here's my haul!

First, some mobius yarn. This is 'Silky Wool' by Elsbeth Lavold. It's, as the name suggests, a silk and wool blend. This picture really doesn't do it justice...the drape of it is wonderful and at 22 sts/inch (that's dk isn't it?) it should be perfect for this project. Will need help from my friend Ann on the needle size, though. I think the pattern calls for a size 10, which seem much too big for this yarn which calls for a 6. Ann, in case you didn't know, is a master knitter and has knit several mobius. She is the one to go to with questions, etc... on the subject. God knows she needs something else to do, considering the extensive gift list she is knitting for christmas;->

This sock yarn is for Mom. She loves the socks I make her. I am already working on a pair made from Artful Yarns 'Candy' (more on that later). I also am working to fill her order of Mason Dixon Warsh rags. Then there is this added to the list. She wanted a shawl they had made-up at Phootsy's, but felt she had too much for me to do that one, too. Freddie and I tried to tell her that there is no such thing as too many knitting projects, but she wouldn't hear it.
Guess what happens next. C'mon! You know me...it isn't that hard to guess...I forgot to get sock needles, cause, lord knows, I didn't bring them with me, 'cause that would be... well... organized.

So....I made a set.

I used the smallest size dowel I could find, (this one was poplar) and cut them to match the size 8's I did have. Sharpen with a pencil sharpener and sand down...my set took less than 20 min. to make and cost a grand total of $.72. It cost this much only because a bought a $.34 little sample packet(ingenious) of stain, pictured here. This also speaks to my impatience, since I couldn't just wait to get home to my sock needles but had to make my own so I could get started....pathetic. My mom was quite amused, but also glad to see her next pair of socks on the needles!

So, that is my picture album of my last-minute trip to Snead's Ferry. Sometimes, the best things in life turn out to be those things we think we are too tired or too preoccupied to do. Turns out, I really needed the break...lesson learned.



Blogger Melissa said...

Making your own needles is a blast! I've found that using wax paper to smooth them up helps too.

10:26 AM  
Blogger AuntieAnn said...

You're giving me way too much credit! I do admit to having a tendency sometimes to over-think things, though. And then sometimes I grab whatever needles are handy and jump in. I started socks over the weekend with what I think is worsted weight yarn (it's reclaimed from the frog pond) on #4 needles, and the first sock is just sucking up the yarn -- it's going to be quite dense. At this point I think I might as well keep going, though.

11:44 AM  

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