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Friday, July 15, 2011


The yarn support came for my Knit Picks project. I love this color:) And to my surprise, it's hand painted. I didn't know that, I thought it was kettle dyed. Doesn't matter, though, as this yarn accomplishes the look I want for the sock I'm designing. I have already wound this into two balls for knitting 2-at-a-time socks on two circulars.
Hoping I can get these done quickly. I have two other designs I'm working on.

Here's one of them....
My little hand spun project is progressing slowly, due to above work on sock pattern and life in general. Maybe if I had a little more pattern publishing experience, this all wouldn't be so stressful for me, but I am not sure what to expect nor am I sure what is expected of me and so, I am stressing much more than I probably should. In short, I should be able to work on other things besides the socks. I think I need the designer forum to calm me down.
Would probably be a good thing.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can *so* relate to the beginner designing stress ! I am knitting up a cardigan and trying to make notes along the way so that I can publish/contribute to Ravelry as 'my design', and talk about insecurity ! I love that green too, and am wildly interested in trying two-at-a-time socks (as soon as I'm finished with my one-at-a-time kilt hose). Go girl !

12:21 PM  

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