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Angelarae Knits: Sock Tests

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Saturday, July 09, 2011

Sock Tests

The sock pattern I am working on for Knit Picks is moving right along. I have to say, I feel much better about the pattern since I have let the test knitters have a go at it. These women are saints, that's all I can say. Ornamental, though I had charts, etc. included, was written from my notes as I knit them. There were many improvements that had to be made and I did a little number crunching on the heel turn to check my work. The medium heel turned out close to perfect, but the large one remains to be seen. I knit up an alternate heel turn and one of the testers is trying that. None of it may, in the end, turn out to be necessary, but I want to make the pattern as simple and understandable as possible. The stitch pattern is only a 6 row repeat, which is nice and easy to memorize and I don't think I can make the toe any simpler. There may be one or two tweaks I'll make once the testers are done. The thing I love about socks is that they can be so easily customized. If a person didn't like the heel in a sock pattern, they could use another one or if they preferred a different ribbing, they could change that, too. So, really, what I am going for in designing my socks, is the overall vision of what it should look like, which cuff and ribbing looks best with the stitch pattern I am using, and what kind of heel will work best. For example, I think a 2x2 rib would be too bulky for Ornamental and a 1x1 rib is much more suitable for the delicate stitch pattern.

So I have really been eating, drinking, and sleeping this sock for the last few days. It was nice to take a break and do a little spinning. I am loving this gorgeous colorway and soft, soft merino from McMillan Fibers. It spins like butter. I went to sleep dreaming of what I will be able to make with this yarn, lace singles. I am thinking maybe some wrist cuffs.....


Blogger Saski said...

I love the colour of the yarn you are spinning! It looks yummy!
I tried spinning for the first time today and can see myself getting addicted to it!

2:49 PM  

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