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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Gingerbread Hat

This pattern was derived from an Aran stitch pattern I saw and liked at Lionbrand.com. The pattern is called Gingerbread,' hence, Gingerbread Hat. I changed the pattern a little, from a 4 stitch cable to a 6-stitch cable, which I prefer. I initially made this hat for my daughter, Emma, so the smallest size will fit a child. The largest will fit up to a 23" circumference. Regarding the chart, it is a meager representation of my abilities with MS Word, but should get the job done, nonetheless, for those of you who prefer knitting from a chart. You can email me here with any questions or problems you may have. This pattern is posted at Ravelry.

I give limited permission to print this pattern and use it for personal purposes only. Please do not sell items from this pattern without my permission or copy and represent this pattern as your own. If you would like to make these for charity, please feel free to make copies, but, for the most part, please direct others to this blog or Ravelry to download the pattern for themselves.
Here's the pattern!

Gingerbread Hat

Size:small(med, lg) *The small size fits my 7 yr. old daughter*
Yarn: Any worsted/heavy worsted yarn. For this hat, I used Lion Brand Fisherman's Wool.
Needles: US8 16" circular needle, set of 4 US8 double point needles, cable needle of your choice, and a tapestry needle to weave in ends. You will also need one stitch marker.
Gauge: 6 rows/5 stitches to the inch
K2,P2 Rib: *K2, P2 - repeat to end of round
K2tog: Knit 2 sts. together(right leaning decrease)
SSK: slip, slip, knit: slip next two sts. individually knitwise and knit both these sts. together through the back loops (left leaning decrease)
P2tog: purl next two sts. together(decrease)
C6F: slip 3 sts. to cable needle and hold in front. K3, k3 from cable needle.
S2KP: Slip 2 sts. together, as if to knit onto right hand needle, Knit next stitch, pass 2 slipped sts. over knitted stitch. (one double decrease made)

Begin Hat:
-CO 84(96,108) sts. onto US8 16" circular needle. Place marker and join for knitting in the round, being careful not to twist. Knit in K2, P2 rib. Continue in ribbing for 8 rounds.
Begin Gingerbread Cable Pattern as follows:
Round 1: *K6, P1, K4, P1 - repeat from * around.
Round 2: *K6, P1, K1, P2, K1, P1- repeat from * around.
Round 3: *C6F,P1, K4, P1 - repeat from * around
Round 4: repeat round 2
Round 5: repeat round 1
Round 6: repeat round 2
Repeat cable pattern 5 (6, 7) times more. Begin Decrease rounds.
Decrease Hat : note-if you would like a more rounded decrease for this hat, add a knit row between each decrease row. Knitting this decrease as written yields a slightly gathered look at the top of the hat.
~*SSK, K2, K2tog, P1, K4, P1 Repeat from * around.
~*S2KP, K1, P1, K1, P2tog, K1, P1 Repeat from * around.
~*(K2tog)3 times, p1 Repeat from * around.
Switch to DPN's at this point, arranging stitches evenly around.
~Knit around
~ K2tog around
~ K2tog around
Break yarn and pull through remaining loops using tapestry needle. Pull tight, pull tail to inside of hat and weave in ends.

Gingerbread Stitch Pattern Chart

Knit this chart from bottom row to top. Bold indicates pattern repeat.

Link for the stitch pattern chart here.


Blogger VickiMurphy said...

I love love love the red and white color combo on the hat! Please! What yarn did you use?

7:25 AM  

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