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Saturday, June 17, 2006

Hope it's long enough...

Here is one of the completed Father's Day Socks for my Dad. He is a size 12, and the foot measures 11". It definitely is too long on my size 9 foot, so I think it should probably fit. Keeping my fingers crossed. The yarn is Trekking XXL/color 140.

The U.S. Soccer Team tied their game with Italy today, which is nothing short of a miracle considering we were playing two men down, that's 9 men vs. Italy's 10. Italy lost a man, as well, due to a red card and neither team was happy with the officiating. Our next game is against Ghana on June 22 at 10:00 a.m. If we win, we have a chance to go on to the second round. If the U.S. plays with sufficient energy, I believe they will win. Good luck to them.

The Hurricanes play tonight in Edmunton. If they win tonight, the Stanley Cup belongs to Carolina. I enjoy knitting while I watch sports because I can listen for cheering and watch the interesting bits. Plus, digital cable allows me to pause and rewind...that really helps when I miss something spectacular or important.

I almost forgot to show you the sock for DH. --->
He's going to be surprised - - he was expecting a Regia cotton, but, alas, I ran out of yarn.
I am somewhat embarrassed to admit to this newbie knitting error, however, I did order an extra ball at my lys when I first chose and bought sock yarn for his socks. I chose a lovely cotton/wool blend, Regia Color Cotton in color 5460. He has been asking for cotton socks, and the only other color in this yarn at my lys was pink. So, naturally, I had to risk the purchase of just one ball, right? You know the expression, ignorance is bliss? Well, so is denial. I finished one of the socks and, of course, completely forgot how rotten my luck usually is. I happily assumed that I had plenty of time to receive the other yarn and begin
knitting and finish Hal's sock twin. Needless to say, the above socks will be his gift. And they are lovely. They are made with Lana Grosse Meilenweit. Don't have the label anymore, so couldn't tell you the colorway. (another newbie mistake, but who's counting?)

Hope you all are finished with your projects and ready for Father's Day. If you are, I applaud you. If you are like me, and not quite finished but happily expecting to finish, I'm right there with you babe!



Anonymous Dipsy D. said...

Oh, I really love your socks, the colorways on both are so gorgeous! And fingers crossed that the ones for your Dad will fit - but I'm sure they will!

I think Team USA did very well in their game against Italy - sure there's still some things to improve, like the fact to actually shoot goals when the chance is there - but altogether I thought they would have so deserved to win! What Italy did there was a huge shame, I guess I've never before seen such an unmotivated and really bad team like they were - what a disappointment!
Tonight's THE game - considering the fact that you're from Raleigh, I won't share too loudly here who I hope and wish and cheer for to win the Stanley - but whatever happens, the best team will win!
And a big thank you once again for sharing the cool button - yay for soccer!

2:02 AM  
Blogger Angela said...

May the best hockey team win!


12:00 PM  

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