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Friday, March 17, 2006

Watch Band Pattern

Knit-up this simple watch band in less than an hour with
yarn that you have on hand for a cute accessory. Make up several in different colors and fibers to match various outfits. The possibilites are endless. I knit this one in Lion Brand Wool-Ease Sea Foam. Here are the instructions.

You will need:

3/4 inch D-rings (2)
Size 5 (3.75mm) straight needles
Small amount of yarn of your choice
Tape measure
Yarn needle for weaving in ends.
Watch Face (found mine at Michaels in the beading section - must have 3/4 " opening to allow band to slide through)
*Remove band from old watch and use that!*

Finished Measurements
1 " wide and 9" long

Gauge: 5 stitches per inch


Garter Stitch - Knit every row
SSK - slip next 2 stitches one at a time knitwise and insert left hand needle into both slipped stitches at once and knit off of right needle.
K2tog-knit 2 stitches together making one stitch

1. Cast on 5 stitches
2. Knit in garter stitch (knit every row) until the piece measures 8.5 inches.
3.SSK, K1, K2tog. (decrease row)
4.Knit even for 6 more rows. Bind off.
5. Weave in ends. Hold both d-rings together and fold narrow flap end of band over rings, stitching flap down with the yarn needle and small piece of yarn. Thread watch onto band and secure to arm. Voila!

Try knitting a solid color and crochet fun fur edging or try felting one in 100% wool but be sure to knit one third longer and maybe one stitch wider to accomodate shrinkage. Have fun! Posted by Picasa

See Pick Up and Knit for picture of the finished Watch. (sorry about this-my pc died and am using my son's - for some reason his won't let me post more than one pic per post??)


Blogger Janey said...

How did you know my watch strap has just about died?
Thank you, thank you.

I've been thinking that it would be cool to knit one, but I don't have the time or patience (or ingenuity) to work out a pattern.

Now all I have to do is find some D-rings. AND get off this computer.

11:27 AM  

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