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Angelarae Knits: September 2011

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Hello! Welcome to my Blog! I live and enjoy the fibery crafts here, in Raleigh, NC with my husband and 5 children! I love to share patterns, tips, and recipes along with my spinning from time to time. I hope you'll enjoy your time here and stick around a bit!

Monday, September 26, 2011

Chain Link Fall Show 2011

We took the train early Saturday morning to Greensboro, NC for the CGOA's Fall Chain Link Show. I highly recommend it as we had a very pleasant trip. It was nice to sit and chat with one another on our way to the show. The woman you see here is my Mom. She, Emma and I were traveling companions:)

The show, itself, was fabulous. We went to the display of crochet projects that were entered in the contest and the winners of those were amazing. Some beautiful projects there. I met Margaret Hubert and Doris Chan. They were both very kind and gracious people. I also saw Drew Emborsky, Edie Eckman and Marcy Smith at the show.

Emma went, too, and she got a lot of attention for the beautiful top you see her wearing here. What little girl doesn't enjoy that? The best thing about it, though, was how nice everyone was to Emma. It really made an impression on her that so many people stopped to talk to her and were encouraging her to take up
the craft. One of the vendors took her picture and told her, "Next time I see you, I want you to be wearing something you made..." We had so many people, at the show and on the train, ask about the shirt. I will find out the name of the vendor and post it, for those of you who are interested.

I also fell in love with the color ways at Miss Bab's Fibers...this link shows the "Mums" color way. It's beautiful. Also, I got some yummy fiber from Unplanned Peacock. I plan to spin this directly from the bat to get the long color repeats and then ply these two colors together. Should be nice. I'm using my drop spindle, which will make this a future project....unless I can learn to spin at productions speeds. You never know...it could happen :->

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

My Latest Design

I love this time of year. The weather is cooling down, the leaves are starting to turn, the Halloween decorations and pumpkins are all out at the local stores and I start to think about making sweaters and hats and other cold weather items for my family. This year, it is I who need a sweater. I really want to crochet one. My idea is to make a drapey ripple cardigan for myself.

I already have most of the yarn I'll need in my stash. I'll be using Red Heart Super Saver, since I need it to be washable and I'll use a J hook because I want it to have drape.
There are so many factors to consider:
What colors will I use...
What pattern will I use...
Will I start with a foundation double crochet, or will a chain be sufficient?
These are the colors I settled on, and, possibly, the pattern....
A ripple cardi would be fun, not to mention, ambitious, as I have never made one before.
These colors are, from top to bottom, Medium Thyme, Soft White, and Buff.
Who knew there were so many ways to make a ripple? Deciding which one to use has been challenging...lots of swatches. The pattern in this photo is drapey, but that is hindered somewhat by the rows of single crochet (white). I think I will try that section using half doubles and see if it makes a difference. I considered, also, working stitches in back loops only to give a ridged affect...what are your thoughts?

Friday, September 16, 2011

Fall Mitts

A few days ago, I saw a skein of Red Heart at the Wal Mart that I just had to have. It was a beautiful deep red, orange, green and it made me think of leaves, pumkins, cornstalks, sweaters...anything you would associate with Fall. That is the name of this colorway, "Fall."
I knew I had to crochet something with it, so I came up with these mitts. I call them "Fall Mitts," after this fab colorway. You can get them here. Enjoy!

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Friday, September 09, 2011

Loving My Life

I finally have gotten what I have wanted for so long....a chance to design and write patterns. My first 'for sale' pattern, Ornamental, is now available for download at Knit Picks, in their Independent Designers Program. I am very happy about it, too!

I have been working to add all of my other patterns as pdf files to my Ravelry Store, so now Gingerbread Hat and Dublin may be downloaded as free pdf files from my store or by looking up the pattern in the search box at Ravelry. I made a much better chart for Gingerbread and included it in the pdf file.

As always, I am available for questions or concerns, so drop me a line at arwhisnant at gmail dot com or message me at Ravelry. I'll be sure to respond quickly.