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Monday, October 09, 2006

Friends, Romans, Countrymen...

"Shakespeare? What the hey? I thought this was a knitting blog? "

Okay, I digress. But not really. The truth is, I have my hubby's computer, (none of my knitting pic's are on it), minimal caffeine coursing through my veins, and therefore feel somewhat sleep deprived, so work with me here. The kids are getting ready for school, save Ian, who overslept and will be going late. Not starting out on the best leg today, but, why stress the small stuff. Today, at least, it's not worth it.

Just so you know, not much knitting going on lately, due to work, kids, daughter-working-with-no- car, and my new mission to finally go to the trouble of decorating my home. I like cottage/country style. Things have been beyond lay- back in my home since my husband's illness. Call it depression, more important things to worry about, whatever you want...I am not feeling good about myself on the home front. So I have decided to make some basic changes (money will be a challenge, here, another reason to use this decorating theme). A few furniture covers in stripes and florals, new curtains, couple of colorful vases of peony's and roses and I should have a good start. Also, I need to paint a table or two white/antiquey. If anyone of you know what I am talking about and can help me figure out how to do this, I'd love some help.

What surprises me is the lack of magazines lately offering pics to help me plan. Found a book, but Cottage Living didn't really show much that appeals to me. Nor did Country Living, which I usually love. I did find an article here ,which has helped me to understand basic elements of this style and how to achieve the look. Add a few personal touches, and I should be okay.

Bring the outdoors in, lots of white and floral accents, collection's, rod iron, and flowers...cool. I can do that.

I think a MD Circle of Fun rug and maybe a log cabin might work well in this setting. What do you think?



Blogger AuntieAnn said...

Hoo boy, I wish you luck and hope you have fun with this project, but if you saw my house you'd know that I can help not at all. That might not stop me from kibbitzing, however.

10:24 AM  

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