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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

A Championship City

Eat your heart out Canada! The Cup belongs to Mayberry! The Carolina Hurricanes brought North Carolina's first Professional National Championship on Monday, winning the Stanley Cup. Raleigh is now a championship city. Since my blog is about knitting, writing, and Raleigh, I feel I must write about my city and share the great excitement, pride, elation even, that we feel for our team. No one really thought Hockey would work in a southern city, but 30,000 fans turned out for the celebration at the RBC Center last night, including a parade, confetti, music, fireworks and lots and lots of cameras flashing! Of all of the pictures I have seen over the last few days, this one is the best! What a great group of guys! (I'm thinking of knitting a red and black pair of socks for each of them). This fun loving hockey family with their fans screaming approval behind them says everything. Wow, never thought I'd love this game, but I do. Here are some pics I and my little Canes fan took the day following our historic win. Here is my photographer (well, he didn't take this one, I did) William. He's 8 and his favorite player is Brind'Amour.------>

"Please Mom! Can't I have this
Stanley Cup? No? How 'bout this
lamp, then?"<---- Here is one of many parade pics. Will had the best seat, so he took alot of these pics. Not bad, huh?

Joseph Vasichek. There was a slow procession to allow for players to interact with the fans. Cool!<-----

"You ate how many curly fries?!!"


Blogger AuntieAnn said...

Very cool! I thought of you when I read the news in the paper.

In lieu of a real post, I reorganized my links and buttons, including adding into the sidebar links to the short-row "how-to's" and, ahem, my own i-cord tutorial, among other things. This is mostly to make it easier for me to find these things when I want them.

Have finished the right armhole and started the 1st box stitch band on the right back. Sigh -- a sport weight yarn sweater in garter stitch is my new definition of eternity. I am so doing the sleeves in the round in stockinette -- row gauge in garter stitch just sucks. I should have realized this when I measured it at 11 rows / in. But I didn't want a super-heavy cotton sweater, so it's my own doing.

I did do some short-row shaping under the right armhole, which after all that I did not think out very much, but I think it turned out OK. Will post a pic when I get a chance.

3:35 PM  

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