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Angelarae Knits: Kelly Found!

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Monday, April 24, 2006

Kelly Found!

Well, all of you out there in Knitter Land, Kelly has been found. This is she, the doll I told you all about that I knit and Emma and I both spent much time putting together. Remember how upset I was at losing her and how I braved my oldest daughter's bedroom with a gas mask in order to find her? Do you also remember my concluding that the surest way to find Kelly was to knit another doll? Well, it turns out that an even more sure way of finding Kelly was to have said eldest daughter clean her room. Yeah! Really! She was in there the whole time! I'm just happy we found her and that the $10 pack of fat quarters won't go to waste. I can make clothes for her now!

I really did need this piece of good news, especially after the aforementioned sock-frogging episode of yesterday afternoon. That's okay too, though. I enjoy a good heel-turning:)
Good stuff does occasionally happen to me!



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